Alabama Fishermen Caught the Motherlode Marlin

Teammate Tish

Hey there, angler! 

You think your weekend fishing trip was epic? 

Well, a group of Alabama fishermen might just have you beat, and then some. 

They hauled in an impressive 1,145.6-pound blue marlin

record-shattering catch

Yup, we thought it was a baby whale at first, too! 

These dudes stopped by the Mobile Big Game Fishing Club in Orange Beach, and you better believe the scales almost broke. 

Captain Chris Mowad recounted their aquatic adventure, mentioning they snagged this sea beat a casual 125 miles offshore. 

And it was so darn stubborn it took them over two hours to persuade it to come aboard. 

Might want to line up a charter trip with these pros!

They used a 130-pound test line, which is pretty much like trying to lasso a bull with dental floss! 

So, are we talking about a state record here? 

The current one is a measly 851.9 pounds. 


It looks like the gang blew this record out of the water. 

The captain was being all modest, saying they’ll need a week or two to find out if they’ve set a new record. 

But we think they got this in the bag.

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