35 of the Best Alabama Breweries to Visit

Nowadays, the brewery industry is becoming more popular as many people want to try out different and new beers. Over the last 5-10 years, we’ve seen the number of Alabama breweries skyrocket.

If you want to spend a special beercation, here’s a guide on Alabama’s classic and rising breweries to find your perfect brew. 

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What Is The Best Beer in Alabama?

According to Rate Beer, Good People El Gordo Imperial Stout from Good People Brewing Company is the top beer in Alabama. 

The roasted malt, sugary, bitter, chocolate-y, and bourbon flavor of the Good People El Gordo Imperial Stout Deftly will win you over. But we’ll share the list of the top Alabama breweries with you so that you can decide!

Best 35 Alabama Breweries

Back Forty Beer Company

200 N 6th St, Gadsden, AL 35901



Back Forty Beer Company is one of Alabama’s most famous breweries with its outstanding reputation among customers. 

Many enjoy their Naked Pig Pale Ale and Trade Day Cuban Stout, so grab yours.

Fairhope Brewing Company

914 Nichols Ave, Fairhope, AL 36532



Fairhope Brewing Company started with two beers and now offers 14 beers and a cider with different flavors in their taproom. 

They have almost all the beer types and are available in draft and cans around specific locations to purchase.

Cahaba Brewing Company

4500 5th Ave S Building C, Birmingham, AL 35222



Cahaba Brewing Company’s taproom houses its classics Oka Uba, Pale Ale, and Lager with limited-edition brews and 26 more.

Their taproom is also spacious enough to hold events like reunions, parties, and weddings.  

Druid City Brewing Company

607 14th St, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401



Druid City Brewing Company has a distinct feature to each beer, particularly for their pale ales. 

Although they are a small brewing company, they are innovative in creating new, excellent, and seasonal brews. 

Braided River Brewing

420 St Louis St, Mobile, AL 36602



This one’s right here in our town of Mobile and makes our list of top breweries in Mobile Alabama. We get it, we’re probably a bit partial, but this is one of our favorites.

They make some wicked sours and IPA’s and they’re always collaborating with local organizations to test out new ideas.

braided river brewing - breweries in mobile al

Old Black Bear Brewing Company

208 Main St, Madison, AL 35758


The Old Black Bear Brewing Company is a lucky find in Madison, Alabama, offering beers, cocktails, burgers, and fries. 

Their flagship beer is the Dark Amber Lager, a crowd’s favorite because of its light flavor but dark color. 

Big Beach Brewing Company

300 E 24th Ave, Gulf Shores, AL 36542



Big Beach Brewing Company takes pride in its 10-barrel brewing system that produces quality IPAs, Cream Ales, Stout Beers, and Belgian-style beers.

Good People Brewing Company

114 14th St S, Birmingham, AL 35233



Good People Brewing Company is the oldest brewery in Alabama, which means they have a long history of brewing and serving great beers. 

Their beers vary from a light and crisp wheat ale excellent to a strong DIPA, which you can buy from the taproom or deliver.

good people brewing logo - a top alabama brewery

Red Clay Brewing Company

704 N Railroad Ave, Opelika, AL 36801



Red Clay Brewing offers its first brew, Big Swamp Stout, which took its name from Opelika, which means Big Swamp.

Goat Island Brewing 

1646 John H Cooper Dr SE A, Cullman, AL 35055



Goat Island Brewing has served Alabama since 2015 with their best seller Richter’s Pils.

Almost all of their beers like IPA, pilsner, and lager are award-winners, proving their beers are of quality.

goat island brewing - a brewery in alabama

Twisted Barley Brewing

520 19th St W, Jasper, AL 35501



Jasper Feed and Wheat, Red Foreman, Ol’ Tobe, Rampant Idiocy IPA, and Promiscuous are some of Twister’s flagship beers. 

Aside from their flavorful beer choices, they also serve them with their best food pairs: pizza, wings, and pretzels. 

Tallulah Brewing Company

1804 4th Ave S, Jasper, AL 35501



The Tallulah taproom makes beer, seltzer, wine, cider, and cocktails in different flavors so all drinkers can find their best pick.

Green Bus Brewing

206 Eustis Ave SE, Huntsville, AL 35801



Green Bus Brewing is a small company that often creates diverse beer options, so their menu changes. 

Their best beer is the Tiramisu Milk Stout, one of their creative and tasty creations. 

Rocket Republic Brewing

89 Production Ave, Madison, AL 35758


The Rocket Republic Brewing Company has a Steampunk taproom that serves ales and sour beers that you will surely love. 

You can top your night entertainment with some of their best beers like the Solar Sour, Coffee Cream Ale, Mach 1 IPA, and more. 

Yellowhammer Brewing

2600 Clinton Ave W, Huntsville, AL 35805



​Yellowhammer Brewing specializes in making premium lager and ale beers by mixing Belgian and German brewing techniques with their Southern craft.

Trim Tab Brewing

2721 5th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233



Trim Tab Brewing specializes in IPAs, stout, and sour beers with fruit flavors, so make sure you try their craft beers. 

Avondale Brewing Company

201 41st St S, Birmingham, AL 35222



Avondale Brewing Company serves the best and most unique beers and hosts the liveliest music events so you can have a great time in their neighborhood. 

Bowler Hat Brewing Company

7429 Hwy 72 W C, Madison, AL 35758



Bowler Hat Brewing Company serves a mixture of classic and international craft beer by adding a unique character. 

Common Bond Brewers

424 Bibb St Suite #150, Montgomery, AL 36104



Common Bond Brewers has been Montgomentry’s only brewery production company since it opened in April 2018. 

They work with farmers and suppliers to create craft beer like Zelda Blonde, Crema Stout Beer, and Ramber. 

Oak Mountain Brewing Company

110 Cahaba Valley Rd, Pelham, AL 35124


Oak Mountain Brewing Company has a 15-barrel brewing facility that allows them to create quality beers for all taste buds. 

They specialize in classic flavors, but they also like experimenting with creating fun-flavored beers. 

Ghost Train Brewing Co.

2616 3rd Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233


Ghost Train Brewing Company takes pride in its beers as a part of Birmingham’s local craft beer community. 

Their new production facility allows them to create more efficient beers with minor environmental impacts.

Siluria Brewing Company

145 1st Ave W, Alabaster, AL 35007



The Siluria Brewing Company produces quality beers that put extra care into every pint for people to enjoy. 

Their taproom has a beer garden and a small stage where local musical artists create a lively environment. 

Cross-Eyed Owl Brewing Company

105 1st Ave NE, Decatur, AL 35601



Cross-Eyed Owl Brewing Company serves 12 beers and four sodas in their taprooms from almost all beer styles. 

They also have a beer garden, live music, food trucks, and seasonal beer menus to enjoy.

Birmingham District Brewing Company

2201 2nd Ave S #102, Birmingham, AL 35233



With over two decades of combined brewing experience, Birmingham District Brewing Company creates better and bolder beers. 

Their recipes continue to catch up with the latest beer trends to keep their craft unique and appealing to customers.                        

Birmingham District Brewing Company

Folklore Brewing & Meadery

153 Mary Lou Ln, Dothan, AL 36301



Folklore has over 14 beers and eight house-made meads that customers can order from their taproom.

Their best-tasting beer is the Southern craft Folklore beer that you can enjoy on top of the American & Bluegrass music they play. 

Salty Nut Brewery

2404 Clinton Ave W, Hu

(256) 489-1490


Salty Nut Brewery is a full brewery company with indoor and outdoor spots for guests to enjoy their different beers. 

Their outdoor beer garden is the best spot for listening to live music while sipping homemade beers. 

Straight to Ale Taproom

2610 Clinton Ave W, Huntsville, AL 35805


Straight to Ale has operated for over a decade with its innovative brewing process that uses bold flavors. 

They have a 45,000 square feet facility that also brews meads and ciders to add to their liquor selection.

The Railyard Brewing Company

12 W Jefferson St Montgomery, AL, US 36104



Railyard Brewing Company has consistently had its cold craft beer quality since 2012, which everyone enjoys.

Singin’ River Brewing Company

526 E College St, Florence, AL 35630



Singin’ River Brewing Co. is the first craft beer brewery in the Shoals, which serves different beers that everyone will enjoy.

Beer lovers can come into their taproom that oozes coziness so you and your company can have a great time over pints. 

True Story Brewing Company

5510 Crestwood Blvd, Birmingham, AL 35212


True Story Brewing Company features its flagship beer Hazy Pale Ale, a pale ale with tropical flavors and a little hop. 

They have great food to offer and great brews to choose from on top of the live music to complete your fun night. 

Things to Check Before Booking a Brewery Tour

If you want to avail one and see the fantastic brewing process, you may need to research to know what to expect.

Brewery Tour Inclusions

Knowing what your brewery tour includes is essential to know what to expect and avoid inconvenience. 

For example, check if there is accommodation, a parking space, a beer-making lesson, and the number of breweries provided. 

It will allow you to create a budget for the tour because you may like to take souvenirs from the trip. 

Drinks and Food

Some brewery tours offer light snacks or full meals throughout the time. But in case they don’t ask permission if you can bring your food. 

Also, breweries often have drinks and food available to order, so you may also try their menu while you are there.

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Wrapping Up: Brewery Alabama

Visiting brewpubs is a new fun activity, especially with beer lovers or first-timers.

Filling your pint with local craft beers one at a time will fulfill your beer cravings and the local craft brewing industry. 

And you might be left with a couple of beer questions. If so, see below, and hopefully, we can answer them.

What Are Different Types of Beer?

Different breweries offer beer options for you to try, and they all have different styles. 
Knowing their looks and tastes will help you choose the perfect brew for your palette.


The bottom-fermenting yeast makes it taste light with a hint of malt, so it is not overwhelming for first-timers. 


India Pale Ales, or IPAs, combine almost most beer types. It is citrusy, fruity, herbal, bitter, and other flavors. 


Pilsners from the Czech Republic are also lagers, but they have more flavor than lagers. It is like an “upgraded” version. 

Pale Ale

Pale ales are malty and light to drink, so it is easy to drink, especially if you have low alcohol tolerance but want to try something hoppy. 

Stout beer

Stout beer is a dark beer but usually low in bitterness. It is best for beer drinkers who want a sweeter option.


Porter is similar to stout beer in color and some ingredients, but they have more of the chocolate taste in it. 

Wheat Beer

Wheat beer’s primary ingredient is wheat, giving it a light color with a balanced alcohol level.  

Brown Ales

Brown ales usually have chocolate, caramel, nuts, and fruits in the ingredients, which make its color light to dark. 

Sour Ales

Sour ales are, well, sour because of the wild yeast and bacteria in the ingredients. Brewers also add fruits to give it a different taste. 

What Is Craft Beer?

Craft beer uses natural ingredients to make a distinct brew for every local brewery. 
It needs more steps in the making process to ensure that the quality and taste will be unique and perfect.

How Is Craft Beer Made?

Brewers break down the malted barley and boil it to turn starch into sugar. Then, adding the yeast will help with the fermentation. 
Sometimes, brewers add fruits to the ingredients to create different flavors. 

Seasonal craft beers are unique and limited because some fruits are not all year round. It follows the same craft beer process but with exotic fruits.

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