11 Fun Alabama Bluegrass Festivals to Attend

Alabama has a rich history of old music, particularly bluegrass because of the Appalachian influences their music. 

Bluegrass in Alabama combines blues, bluegrass, and native jazz, so you hear exceptional records here. 

As part of their culture, Alabama hosts many bluegrass festivals to showcase its rich influence on music and the state. 

alabama bluegrass festivals

What is Bluegrass Music

Bluegrass is a music genre based on the traditional and modern style of string band music that started in southern Appalachia. 

It combines gospel, jazz, old mountain music, blues, and pop music in one genre. 

The band usually has more than four members who sing and play string instruments like guitar, banjo, double bass, Dobro, etc. 

Performers can take turns playing as the lead, but what makes it stand out is its energized and anticipating beats.

If you are a bluegrass musician, your voice may need to be in the upper range because it requires a tight sound. 

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11 Alabama Bluegrass Concerts to Attend

The Titus Bluegrass Festival

Titus Community Center features new bluegrass artists every September through The Titus Bluegrass Festival.

For years, they have kept bringing seamless and well-produced festivals for avid fans to enjoy and discover. 

The Titus Bluegrass Festival brings in new vendors and different food choices depending on the theme. 

They use a spacious outdoor space where you can set up your chairs and enjoy food as you vibe with different artists. 

Pine Mountain Bluegrass Jamboree

Pine Mountain Bluegrass Jamboree is an indoor open stage for artists to showcase their music and talent. 

While big festivals are exciting to attend, you can also find joy in joining a more intimate jamming session.

It has different concessionaires, but you can also have a potluck for your meals while you listen to their featured artists. 

The Pine Mountain Bluegrass Jamboree usually happens around August to October at the Pine Mountain Community Center with free admission.

So if you want to hear good music, meet new friends, and trade wares with attendees, this festival is excellent for you. 

Muddy Water Bluegrass Festival and Farm Day 

Muddy Water Bluegrass Festival and Farm Day alabama bluegrass festivals

Bluegrass is best with an outdoor setting like the Muddy Water Bluegrass and Farm Day at Weogufka. 

It usually happens during September or October, when they feature outstanding and unique performances from new and legendary artists. 

You can enjoy bands all day and munch on snacks with the foods and drinks available at the event.

For an average of $10 per person, you can bask in the beautiful outdoor band setting to boost bluegrass culture. 

Stapleton Bluegrass Festival

The finest bluegrass festival on the Gulf Coast is in Stapleton Bluegrass Festival, which takes place every October. 

Each year, Stapleton brings in different but all-talented artists to show their love for music along with you. 

You can bring in your chairs and blankets to get in the mood with their outdoor festival and your friends.

While you cannot bring food and drinks inside, they have trucks that sell delicious food choices.  

You can catch this festival at Harriot Avenue in Stapleton for only $10 for adults and $5 for those aged 15 and below. 

Holiday Hills Bluegrass Festival

Holiday Hills Bluegrass Festival is a weekend music festival you can catch every October at Laurel Hill, just near Alabama. 

They feature different bluegrass bands all day throughout the weekends for people of all ages to enjoy.

There is no stopping anyone from loving the craft, whether it rains or shines, because of its venue: the covered pavilion. 

You can also bring pets to the campsite as long as they have a leash so everyone in the family can join. 

If you feel hungry, the festival also has a full concession with hot food and a concert kitchen to cater to your cravings. 

Bluegrass on the Plains

Bluegrass on the Plains is an annual festival in the year’s first quarter. 

The festival started in 2012, but they bring in more and different artists each year to help the music grow. 

If you can’t get enough of the artists and just the music festival vibes, this festival is a seven-day event. 

You have a long list of performers to look forward to and foods to try until you make your stomach full. 

You can also find arts and crafts items from vendors during the festival that you can take home as memorabilia. 

Bluegrass & BBQ Festival

Bluegrass & BBQ Festival couldn’t get any better with the combination of bluegrass music and a delicious barbecue menu. 

Your October afternoon will be full of music as they feature Alabama’s best bluegrass bands and artists. 

This music event is free to join while you get the best performances celebrating the music and artists.

So if you want a cozy evening, you can bring your chairs and blankets to Huntsville with the Bluegrass & BBQ Festival. 

Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention

Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention

Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention is a famous convention at Athens State University that features different music categories. 

If you are an artist or an enthralled audience, you can watch the music competition of hundreds of participants. 

Some categories include fiddle, guitar, banjo, dulcimer, mandolin, singing, and buck dancing. 

The top eight winners for each category can take home cash and titles, all while sharing good music with you. 

It is more than a festival because you can participate in their competitions and enjoy jam sessions. 

They have food stalls, arts and crafts booths, and other performances that you can see in their weekend-long event. 

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Belk Bluegrass Festival

Belk Bluegrass Festival is a two-day annual celebration of bluegrass music in Belk, Alabama, every first quarter of the year.

Your two days are full of great artists, fun music, and delicious meals as bands and vendors join in the fun. 

If you are an avid fan of bluegrass music, you can get into the old fashion traditional music mood in an outdoor setting. 

Everyone in the family can enjoy the Belk Bluegrass Festival, as it is a family-friendly event. 

Shades of Bluegrass Festival

The Shades of Bluegrass Festival is a bi-annual celebration of bluegrass music in Rogersville every third quarter. 

People of all ages can join the Shades of Bluegrass Festival so that you can bring the whole family.

It will not be a Shades of Bluegrass Festival if there are no shade tree areas where different artists can do impromptu performances. 

Aside from talented musicians, the festival also invites arts, crafts, and food vendors for concertgoers to experience. 

It is also an excellent spot for setting up an RV or campers for that complete experience with the outdoor vibes. 

Landmark Park Bluegrass Festival

Landmark Park Bluegrass Festival is an all-day celebration of the rich bluegrass culture and other art forms. 

They have historical exhibits and arts and crafts stalls so that you can explore more about the place and music. 

The festival has an onsite camping area, but there will be no electricity, water, or drainage.

However, you can bring your chairs, picnic blankets, tents, or sleeping bags to keep you comfortable during the event. 

You can enjoy performances from artists and impromptu jamming sessions from morning to late at night by fellow campers.

Landmark Park also has food trucks from different cuisines, drinks, and desserts. 

Alabama’s Bluegrass Festivals – FAQs

How Did Bluegrass Music Begin?

Bill Monroe and Blue Grass Boys popularized bluegrass in the 1940s, dating back to the 1600s.

This music from Ireland, Scotland, and England spread in Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee as its settlers moved there. 

The people in this area sang songs about life on the farm or hills, which became a part of bluegrass, gospel, and blues. 

Bluegrass got its name from the band Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys, which played traditional country music. 

What to Wear to a Bluegrass Concert?

It is fun to dress up when you go to music festivals, but it is even more fun when you go to a bluegrass event.

The hippy chic or bohemian style is the best outfit for a bluegrass concert as it gives that western look. 

You can get your best denim, hats, boots, and accessories to confidently slay the event with your fit.

However, wearing what makes you feel comfortable is essential because it makes you look best.

What To Bring To A Bluegrass Music Festival?

As much as you want to go to a concert with your cash, keys, and phone, it would be best if you prepared more. 

A music festival is a memorable event, and you want it to be unique in a positive way without the hassles.

So if you want to make the best bluegrass concert memories, here is a checklist of what you need to bring:


Before anything else, it is necessary to prepare your tickets because it is the key to your admission. 

If it is electronic, make sure you download it or have a copy on your phone, so you can easily show it. 

However, if it is a printed copy, you must keep it so that it will not get wet, crumpled, or lost. 

Before going to the event, secure it with your belongings, so you won’t leave them behind when you travel.

Mobile Devices

The phone is probably one of the most important things to bring to a music festival because of its many uses.
You can use it to take photos, check weather updates, and contact people when there’s an emergency.

You can add a portable phone charger because there may be no available outlets to plug it in.


Your money is also essential when going to a bluegrass event because you’ll need it for snacks, gas, and more. 

It is best to carry other payment methods like cards, so you have all available options for emergencies. 


One thing you need to know about concerts is that they can last all day and are mostly outdoors. 

Even if the venue has cover or shade, you still need sunscreen to keep UV rays from damaging your skin. 

You can also bring a hat, sunglasses, or scarf to protect your eyes, head, and face if it gets too hot. 

Hygiene Kit

Some bluegrass concerts are so big that they may be unable to provide toiletries in their porta or bathrooms. 
Bring your wet wipes, pads, hand sanitizer, deodorant, small towel, dry shampoo, and trash bags. 

These events can get wild, but you don’t have to forget about keeping yourself clean and fresh throughout the day. 

Basic First Aid Kit

There are basic first aid kits that you can buy in some groceries or pharmacies, but you can also create yours. 

It is possible to have slight scratches or injuries in an outdoor event like concerts, so it is best to bring a kit. 

Depending on your health condition, you can include painkillers, inhalers, bandages, adhesive tapes, antihistamines, and other pills.


Most bluegrass events are outdoors, so they may not provide chairs for the audience.

You can bring lawn chairs to help you settle in comfortably, along with your blankets and small pillows. 

If the event allows camping, you can follow their guidelines to bring the right things to the festival.

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Final Thoughts

Music festivals are fun discovering new artists and talent, especially in the rich bluegrass genre. 

The music itself is bright and lively and transcends to its listeners; that’s why people have a good time at these events.

But on top of that, you also experience the beauty of arts, culture, food, and socialization in bluegrass festivals.

The Alabama bluegrass festivals are the way to go if you want to recharge and use music to escape your busy routine.

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