Take the Scenic Route with Alabama Air Boat Rides!

Zipping through Alabama’s delta on an airboat ride unveils a vivid tapestry of wildlife encounters. 

As you traverse the hidden waterways, you’ll see the raw, untouched beauty of nature. 

I’ve adventured both with friends and on guided tours, unveiling secret spots teeming with native species. 

Birds, gators, turtles, fish, you name it! 

And between you and me, I’ve still got hog hunting and alligator chasing on my delta to-do list. 

There’s lots to do and lots to see, so gear up for an airboat ride that’s bound to be the highlight of your trip. 

Airboat Rides Near Mobile, AL 

airboat rides near mobile al

Airboat Adventures

Airboat Adventures is your ticket to exploring the nooks and crannies of the Mobile-Tensaw Delta

There’s a Fun Run (30 mins.) and an Eco Tour (one-hour educational tour). 

At the helm is Captain Mark Pillion

He spent 26 years at the Department of Conservation and has been the main man at Meaher State Park for 25. 

Plus, he’s got a US Coast Guard certification, so you know you’re in good hands. 

The delta itself is like nature’s variety show. 

On this tour, you’ll see gators, herons, eagles, and so much more. 


Well, the waters here are unique — half fresh, half salt

It’s a geographical phenomenon where tons of species can coexist! 

Where: Bluegill Restaurant, 3775 Battleship Pkwy, Spanish Fort, AL 

Call: (251) 680-4477

Airboat Express 

Geoff and Brittany Woodliff are serving up thrilling airboat rides in Alabama’s delta. 

With two airboats on deck, they’re ready for your group, big or small. 

Choose from four awesome tours: 

  • The informative 1-hour Eco Tour, 
  • the adrenaline-pumping 30-minute Fun Run,
  • the scenic 1-hour Sunset Tour,
  • or the adventurous Night Tour, where alligators steal the show! 

You’ll learn a thing or two with Geoff’s passion for Alabama’s waterways and Brittany’s love for nature. 

Plus, they’ve been at this for 18 years, so all your safety concerns should fly out the window. 

Both captains are certified by the US Coast Guard, adding an extra layer of assurance! 

Where: 3733 Battleship Pkwy, Spanish Fort, AL 36527

Call: (251) 370-7089

Special Mention 

special mention

Gulf Coast Gator Ranch & Tours 

The Gulf Coast Gators Ranch & Tours is where the thrill of Mississippi’s wetlands comes alive. 

And it’s less than an hour away from Mobile!

Glide on an airboat through the bayou, surrounded by gators peeking through the water and turtles catching rays on the banks. 

You’ll discover the secrets of the swamp and its inhabitants with narrated trips. 

And the adventure doesn’t stop there!

This 30-minute tour comes with a full-day farm pass

Their boardwalk alligator farm offers an up-close experience, giving brave and curious folks the chance to hold baby gators

And for those keen on conservation, their dedication to gator preservation is the cherry on top. 

Where: 10300 US-90, Moss Point, MS 39562

Call: (228) 475-6026


Are airboats legal in Alabama? 

Yes, they’re perfectly legal. 

Otherwise, the services above wouldn’t exist! 

There is a rule, though. 

If you’re in an area where the tide changes by at least two inches and it’s south of the line that follows the I-10 from Mississippi to Florida —

Airboats aren’t permitted. 

But unless you’re planning to drive one yourself, you shouldn’t have any trouble signing up for any tour! 

Do you get wet on airboat tours? 

There’s a chance you might get lightly sprayed or misted, especially if the boat makes sharp turns. 

But generally, you won’t get drenched. 

If you’re concerned about getting wet, you can always wear a light, waterproof jacket or poncho. 

Do airboats touch the water? 

Though they’re called airboats, these vessels don’t actually hover over the water’s surface. 

But they do glide atop the water rather than cutting through it! 

These flat-bottomed boats are powered by an aircraft-like propeller that spins above the water. 

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Final Thoughts 

Think you’ve seen all of Alabama? 

Not until you’ve cruised the bayou with the wind in your hair and dodged a few gators!

So, next time you’re planning a daring day out, remember: 

Alabama’s waterways are waiting to be explored. 

And airboat rides are the way to do it!

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