Top 20 AC Companies – Mobile AL

Air conditioners are essential in your daily life, whether in residential or commercial properties. 

However, some often downplay air conditioner services which leave their ACs to be in bad shape. 

To keep your AC well-maintained, you can contact some of the best AC Companies Mobile AL offers. 

Air Conditioning Companies in Mobile AL

Hansen Air Pros

Hansen Air Pros Ac companies mobile al

Hansen Air Pros has been serving Mobile AL since 2006 and gained a trustworthy reputation among nearby places too. 

They offer maintenance plans to keep your AC running like new while saving money.

Hansen will leave your homes while giving you peace of mind and an efficient-running air conditioner.

Call: 251-270-4214

Visit: 7718 Rockstone Ln S, Mobile, AL

Batchelor’s Service

Batchelors Service Ac companies mobile al

Batchelor’s Service has been in business for over 55 years while providing air conditioning and plumbing services. 

They can help you buy the right HVAC system, install it for you, and maintain it to save money in the long run. 

Some of their services include repairs, cleaning, installation, condensation drain lines, and more.

Call: 251-476-4321

Visit: 110 Durant St, Mobile, AL 36607

Climate Control Service Experts

Climate Control Service Experts

Climate Control Service Experts have ACE-certified technicians that make them qualified enough to provide repairs of any AC kind. 

They have 59 years of experience servicing Mobile and offer plumbing services besides air conditioning. 

So if you want quality indoor air for your homes, you can contact them and avail their heating and cooling services.

Call: 251-202-7503

Visit: 7291 Cottage Hill Road, Mobile, Alabama

Hembree Heating & Air Conditioning

Hembree Ac companies mobile al

Hembree Heating and Air Conditioning started 50 years ago and highlighted providing quality heating and cooling services. 

They have various certifications, licenses, and memberships in recognized institutions related to AC, refrigerants, sales, and customer services.

Hembree has skilled technicians with the help of the latest technology that ensures quality service from diagnosis to repairs.  

Call: 251-259-4664

Visit: 3176 Westside Park Court, Mobile, AL 

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Daycool Heating & Air

Daycool Ac companies mobile al

Daycool Heating and Air have NATE-certified technicians that provide excellent air conditioning services.

This more-than-10-year-old business offers upgrades, installation, repairs, cleaning, sealing, testing, and inspection to almost all AC models.

The company also has insurance and bond, so you know that you and the company have protection from any legal concerns.

Call: 251-260-3858

Visit: 8000 Cottage Hill Road, Suite A, Mobile, AL

Grayson Air Conditioning, Inc.

Grayson Air Conditioning Inc

Grayson Air Conditioning, Inc. works with first-rate technicians that can provide same-day repairs of almost any make of heating and cooling equipment. 

Some of their services include maintenance, installation, and repair to turn your AC system into its peak performance and efficiency.

Their quickness and professionalism also allow them to take emergency services, so you don’t have to wait too long. 

Call: 251-202-5477

Visit: 7200 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile, AL 36695

Advanced Appliance Heating and Air Conditioning

Advanced Appliance Heating and Air Conditioning

Advanced Appliance Heating and Air Conditioning have a 24-hour emergency service available for clients who need immediate AC solutions.

They have 42 years of experience in heating and cooling systems, guaranteeing their quality of work and customer satisfaction.

You can easily dial their contact number to avail their repair, installation, or maintenance service, and they’ll respond you immediately.

Call: 251-327-9060

Visit: 590 Schillinger Rd S #14, Mobile, AL

Easy Heating & Cooling

Easy Heating and Cooling

Easy Heating and Cooling is a 14-year-old heating and cooling service that serves Mobile and Baldwin county.

They provide repair, maintenance, HVAC, diagnosis, prognosis, inspection, water testing and treatment, and plumbing services.

They gained the trust and loyalty of their customers because of their professionalism and righteousness in executing work.

Call: 251-298-7287

Visit: 11 Water Street Suite 10290 Mobile, AL

Service Tec One Heating & Air

Service Tec One

With enough experience in the field, you can entrust your HVAC needs with Service Tec One Heating and Air. 

Their technicians are accommodating, professional, and quick in providing the services you need and a recommended company.

Service Tec One offers services for your heat pumps, ACs, gas and electric furnaces, and other heating and cooling equipment.

Call: 251-454-1471

Visit: 1276 Leroy Stevens Rd, Mobile, AL 36695

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Farnell Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

Farnell Ac companies mobile al

Farnell Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. is a reputable HVAC company that delivers work efficiently and on time. 

Depending on your AC needs, you can discuss and set your maintenance plan with them to keep your AC running at maximum capacity.

You know you are hiring the best because they give your budget and the air conditioning system the best rates.

Call: 251-471-2674

Visit: 516 Holcombe Ave, Mobile, AL 36606

Pro Cooling and Heating Services LLC

Pro Cooling and Heating Services LLC

Pro Cooling and Heating Services prioritizes their customers’ comfort, so they do their best to serve as fast as possible. 

Their experienced technicians keep up with customer needs to achieve customer satisfaction. 

So if you need help to cool your summer and heat your winter, Pro Cooling and Heating Services will deliver just that. 

Call: 251-721-1817

Visit: 3701 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile, AL 36609

Keith Air Conditioning Inc

Keith Ac companies mobile al

Keith Air Conditioning Inc. is a family-owned company that started in 1964 to serve Mobile and Baldwin County. 

Their professional and NATE-certified HVAC team can work on residential or commercial air conditioning systems. 

They are also an authorized Carrier dealer specializing in installing their energy-efficient products.

Call: 251-476-3610

Visit: 1201 Sledge Dr, Mobile, AL 36606

Patco AC Service

Patco AC Service Ac companies mobile al

Patco AC Service guarantees that they properly provide air conditioning service depending on your system’s manufacturer. 

Their air conditioning services include repairs, replacements, installations, annual maintenance, emergency services, and more.

They ensure their customer’s comfort and needs by working efficiently and all around for 24 hours.

Call: 251-660-9595

Visit: 4457 Halls Mill Rd, Mobile, AL

Wittichen Supply Co

Wittichen Supply Co

Wittichen Supply Co. is a family-owned company that sells the best HVAC components, equipment, and supplies in different locations in the US.

If you are shopping for equipment for your HVAC needs, Wittichen can help you find the best product. 

They have competitive pricing and customer service for residents and companies.

Call: 251-471-3321

Visit: 85 Sidney Phillips Drive, Mobile, AL

Azalea City Heating & Air

Azalea City Heating & Air

Azalea City Heating and Air is another long-running business in Mobile, AL, offering the best quotes and services. 

The family business started in 1978 to provide air conditioning services such as repairs, installations, and warranty works. 

They do warranty work and are authorized dealers of Carrier, Bryant, Lennox, Goodman, and more.

Call: 251-391-7274

Visit: 1501 Dunlop St, Mobile, AL 36605

Howard Services

Howard Services Ac companies mobile al

Howard Services is a heating and cooling expert providing the best residential or commercial property services and solutions. 

Their licensed air conditioning contractors ensure they do the job the first time with the right tools, equipment, and experience. 

You can reach them 24/7, even with an emergency service, to keep your air conditioning systems working efficiently. 

Call: 251-633-2820

Visit: 747 Lakeside Dr, Mobile, AL

Abundant Air Solutions LLC

Abundant Air

Abundant Air Solutions offers reasonably priced HVAC services in Mobile, AL, and treats your home like theirs. 

You can expect high-quality work, customer satisfaction, and accessible bookings from a full-service HVAC company. 

So if you are looking for a company that installs, repairs, and maintains a good air conditioning unit, you may book an appointment with them.

Call: 251-351-7764

Visit: 688-B Airport Blvd. #273 Mobile AL

Comfort Pros

Comfort Pros Ac companies mobile al

Comfort Pros aims to leave customers’ homes with fresh, clean air so they don’t have to worry about diseases. 

They specialize in attic insulation, air conditioning, heating, and duct services to keep a high indoor air quality. 

You can ping them through their Facebook account or contact their number if you need repairs, services, and financing.

Call: 251-234-0854

Visit: 8530 Mimosa Ln, Mobile, AL 36619

Estes Heating & Air Conditioning

Estes Ac companies mobile al

Estes is a family-owned business serving Alabama and nearby Mobile and Baldwin Counties. 

They specialize in residential and a little commercial air conditioning and heating services with Bryant rebates. 

You can achieve a highly efficient AC system with their repair, installation, and insulation services.

Call: 251-220-4744

Visit: 5715 Rabbit Creek Dr. Theodore, AL

Air of Excellence Inc.

Air of Excellence

The Air of Excellence Inc. provides services for residential and commercial HVAC systems in Mobile, AL. 

Their five decades of combined experience make them more than capable of giving quality work. 

You can save money by letting Air of Excellence Inc. experts handle your HVAC system maintenance and services.

Call: 251-476-4271

Visit: 7780 Tara Dr, Semmes, AL 36575

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What Are the Kinds of Air Conditioning Systems

There are different types of air conditioning systems that you can choose for your home depending on the size, purpose, and shape. 

If you want to replace or choose a new AC, this segment will explain some of the standard AC.

Split AC

A split air AC is a good choice if you want something that fits the aesthetic and coverage of a modern home. 

The split AC has two units inside and outside your home, so they are ductless systems. 

They are also more efficient and cheaper than other AC units despite their costly upfront cost. 

Window AC

Window AC is more common and cheaper upfront for small rooms because they easily fit room windows. 

It has a condenser, evaporator, and compressors in one unit.

It turns off when it reaches the expected coldness or warmness. 

Window ACs are not the best for multiple rooms, but if you are someone who moves a lot, you can easily take them with you. 

Portable AC

A portable AC needs a window kit before installing it.

Still, it is portable for people who need to move houses. 

They work by cooling the warm air they collect, returning it to the room, and blowing the warm air outside. 

Buying portable ACs is affordable, but they can be inefficient and expensive in the long run.

Central Air Conditioning

Central or ducted air conditioning is one of the most efficient types of ACs, whether residential or commercial. 

Its unit has a large compressor outside, while the evaporator brings in conditioned air through different vents. 

It can be costly at first because of the modifications and HVAC equipment.

Still, it can cool a whole office or room, making it efficient. 

Hybrid ACs

It may not seem standard, but hybrid ACs operate alternately using fossil fuels and electricity.

During summer, the heat pump pulls warm air and releases it outdoors, while it pulls cold air into the house during winter. 

It is an excellent application of thermodynamics that can help you save money and is also energy efficient. 

What Are Air Conditioner Ratings

You may find acronyms in some AC units that are probably air conditioner ratings. 

Here are some of their meanings and an explanation of what they are in an AC unit:

EER – Energy Efficiency Ratio

EER is the result of dividing the cooling output of an AC by its energy usage under specific conditions. 

The unit is more energy efficient if an AC indicates a high number. 

SEER – Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio  

SEER is the efficiency of the cooling equipment obtained using a seasonal average. 

A high SEER is an indication of a more energy-efficient air conditioning system. 

HSPF – Heating Seasonal Performance Factor

HSPF is the efficiency of a heat pump system, wherein the higher the HSPF is, the more efficient it is. 

What AC Unit Should I Buy?

Buying a suitable unit can help you save money and energy, which is very significant nowadays.

Fortunately, there are ways to know if you are looking at an air conditioner that can help you cut your energy consumption by as much as half. 

High Efficient

If you are still using an old air conditioner, it is time to upgrade to a new one with high efficiency. 

Consider buying new ACs as an investment because you can save money from electric bills in the long run. 

Energy Star-labeled

AC units with an Energy Star label can help you save money and apply for rebates from your utility company. 

AC with Programmable Thermostats

A programmable thermostat can help you monitor energy usage by decreasing it when not needed. 

These automated systems help control your AC, so you only use what you need in your home or building. 


Economizers allow you to determine if the air outside is cool enough to distribute inside your home. 

Instead of using ACs, you can use natural conditions to help you reduce energy usage and save money.

How Long Do AC Last

Air conditioning units usually last 15 years with proper maintenance, depending on the location. 

Because of salt exposure, houses or buildings near the sea or ocean can find their AC breakdown faster.

How to Extend Your AC’s Life Span

Extending your AC’s life span is easy because it needs regular maintenance to prevent major issues. 

If your AC receives the appropriate repairs, replacements, and tune-ups, then it can work efficiently for longer. 

Clean or Replace Filters

Clogged filters usually cause poor-performing AC units; you must clean or replace them regularly. 

Aside from poor airflow, the dirt can destroy the coils and affect their heat-absorbing capacity. 

Depending on your AC unit, you’ll see if their filters are replaceable or reusable. 

Frequent filter checkups may be necessary if you live with your fur friends or have a dusty environment.

Repair Fins and Coils

The fins in the evaporators and condensers are sensitive to bending and can block the coil. 

You may need to fix or replace them as necessary to avoid restricting airflow. 

Meanwhile, coils can easily collect dirt which also causes poor airflow and can reduce their ability to absorb heat. 

Aside from cleaning the coils directly, you also need to clean the AC surroundings like leaves, debris, etc.

Unclog Drain Channels

Clogged drain channels can cause discoloration to walls or carpets, so you need to unclog them by passing a wire.

Inspect Seals

Check if the air conditioner and window frame have no gaps to avoid moisture.

The moisture can damage the seal and let conditioned air escape.  

Hire an HVAC Professional

If all these DIY fixes don’t work or you are not confident in doing them, hire an HVAC professional.

There may be issues other than regular maintenance that needs attending to keep your AC unit working. 

They should be able to check leaks, measure airflow, tighten connections, calibrate the thermostat, and more.

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When Should I Service My AC System

Different air conditioning units vary on how often you should serve them, but at least once a year. 

However, you also need to hire an HVAC company to inspect it every quarter to check if there are possible issues. 

You can also book an HVAC company to determine how often your AC needs servicing based on its history.

Some companies offer a specialized plan for your air conditioning system, depending on your budget and needs.

How to Save Energy When You Have AC

Air conditioners can be painful in the pockets during summer because they do most during hot weather. 

Fortunately, there are ways to save energy and minimize your expenses as much as possible when you have AC.

AC Maintenance

While some air conditioner manufacturers claim that their products don’t need frequent servicing, you should ignore it.

Regardless of the brand, you need regular service to maintain efficiency, reducing energy consumption.

Ventilate Your Room

Before turning on the air conditioner, you should release the trapped heat so the AC can quickly cool the area. 

You can open the windows or doors for a few minutes or let a fan bring down the room temperature. 

Set the Right Temperature

You don’t have to put the AC at the lowest temperature to cool yourself because 24 degrees is the optimum temperature.

The body already finds this temperature cold enough to be comfortable, and the AC will work less to achieve it. 

Close the Door When AC is Running

The gaps in the room can make the AC work harder and longer because the cold air escapes. 

When it’s time to let your AC run, close all windows and doors to quickly cool the room for a longer time. 

Turn Off AC When Not in Use

When you turn off the AC, you must turn off the appliance and its source. 

Leaving the source open gives the compressor an idle load which still runs your electric bill. 

Use AC Timers

This feature is available in most air conditioners, and you should take advantage of it to avoid unnecessary energy usage.

Setting an AC timer can help you schedule when an AC turns off, even when you forget to do it. 

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AC Companies Mobile AL – FAQs

When Should You Hire an AC Company

Before considering hiring an AC company to repair any damages, there are many signs to consider.
The earlier you can identify when to hire an AC company, the better chances you can avoid expensive repair services. 

Warm Air

When your vents or ACs start releasing warm air throughout your house, you need to check your thermostat. 
If your vents still release warm air after switching to cooling mode, there may be a problem with the compressor or airflow. 

Loud Noise from AC

An AC that needs repairing may produce weird loud noises that an AC should not be making. 
If you hear grumbling, squeaking, and scratching when you use the AC, there is something wrong with it. 

Poor Airflow

Another obvious sign that indicates you need to hire an air conditioning company is when your units have poor airflow.
HVAC companies recommend using a ventilator that can change stale air to a fresh perspective during system cycles.

Water Leaks

Condensation is normal if you have any cooling system in your house, but it shouldn’t leak. 
Suppose you spot accumulated water leaks or an ongoing leak near your air conditioner.
In that case, it can signal that your AC is not working correctly.

Broken Thermostat

A thermostat is vital in an air conditioning system because it commands the AC.
An indicator that your thermostat is not working is when it turns off after a short time or doesn’t turn on. 

Unpleasant Smell

An unpleasant smell in your air conditioning system is not a good sign, so you must fix it immediately. 
It may need a quick cleaning session if it is a minor issue, but in the worst case, you’ll need a complex solution. 

High Electric Bill

No one wants a high electricity bill, but if your electricity randomly increases, there may be an HVAC problem. 
The cause of this rise in the bill can be a broken AC compartment or a leak in the system that needs urgent repairs. 

How to Hire the Right AC Company 

AC companies do more than just install an AC unit; they care for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. 
Knowing how to hire the right AC company is crucial because your health and safety highly depend on them.

Know What You Want and Need

The first thing to do before looking for companies that can help you with your HVAC problems is to know what you need.
Some HVAC companies may rip you off if you don’t have a little knowledge of what service you are getting. 
Most importantly, you need to know essential details about your AC system.
Hence, you know the cause of some issues and explain them better.

Seek Recommendations

You can start looking for air conditioning companies by seeking recommendations from neighbors, family, colleagues, and friends.
They may have the go-to HVAC companies they trust, so you won’t have to worry about scams and poor services. 
Gather the companies and ask your neighbors, family, colleagues, and friends their opinions about their testimonials.

Check Credentials

When you look through different AC companies, you must first look at their licenses, certifications, experiences, and, possibly, insurances. 
HVAC experts must have a valid license because they passed exams and went to train in their field.
Finally, insurance can cover you and the HVAC company if they incur injuries while working with you, damage your property, and contract problems arise.

Read AC Company Reviews

You’ll primarily prepare company reviews if you search online for companies to hire.
Reviews left online can help you determine the company’s reputation, allowing only trustworthy companies in your home.
If you see poor reviews from people, then it is a sign for you to cross them out from your list.
Don’t risk your money and time anymore. 

Compare Prices 

Now that you narrow down the companies that are up to your standards, it is time to compare their prices. 
HVAC services can be a little pricey, but you must keep them in mind, especially if you are a homeowner. 
But you shouldn’t pick a company that overcharges you, so you must be careful. 
Sometimes, the most costly is not the best quality, and the cheapest is not the most practical. 

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Final Thoughts 

Houses and buildings have different HVAC systems, so you need to hire the right company specializing in them. 

While you can do some of the maintenance checks to an extent, there are things that only an HVAC company can do.

If you want your AC system to be at its most efficient, it is time to contact the nearest HVAC company that can answer your needs.

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