A Stinky Surprise on Spring Hill Ave

Mobile Rundown Staff

In a disgusting turn of events, a grease blockage decided to play a game of “Guess Where I’ll Pop Up” in Mobile Country. 

And boy, did it choose an inconvenient stage — Spring Hill Ave. 

It was a nasty 1,500-gallon wastewater overflow, straight from the Mud Olympics playbook. 

Imagine being one of those unsuspecting workers from the Mobile Area Water and Sewer System. 

plumbing pandemonium

They were probably expecting a regular day on the job. 

Instead, they found themselves swimming in poop.

These heroes of the day managed to scoop up 1,000 gallons of this ooey-gooey party, but guess what? 

Five hundred gallons managed to sneak their way to the Three Mile Creek. 

But, according to the health department, this slippery blockage has now been cleared. 

Apparently, this whole mishap is a result of folks treating their sinks like personal disposals for fats, grease, and oil. 

Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s not how it works. 

Dr. Kevin Philip Michaels, the Health Officer for Mobile Country, chimed in with a pearl of wisdom. 

He advises locals to take precautions when dealing with standing water. 

Well, Doc, we’re pretty sure standing water wasn’t on anyone’s list of preferred swimming destinations!

But if you’re one of the few who feel the urge to dive into the Three Mile Creek for some recreational fun, think again. 

The Mobile Baykeeper keeps track of these things, so consult their SWIM results for safety. 

And if you’re planning on dining on seafood caught in the area, it would be best to cook it thoroughly. 

Or just stick to meat and veggies for a while, huh? 

You wouldn’t want a bit of bacterial seasoning with your shrimp scampi, right? 

So, there you have it, folks! 
The lesson of the day: don’t treat your drains like grease guzzlers.

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