A Buck for a Stadium? Ladd-Peebles Transfer to Public School System in Progress

Mobile Rundown Staff

The Mobile City Council is all set to vote today on whether to hand over the Ladd-Peebles Stadium to the Mobile County Public School System. 

And guess what? 

The price tag for this big transaction is just one dollar! 

The city is practically saying, “Well, here’s the stadium, and have at it!” 

lad pebbles stadium

This isn’t as simple as it sounds, though.

Both parties also agree to shell out some serious funds — around 10$ million each — over the next few years for the stadium’s upkeep. 

Yup, it takes that much to keep Ladd-Peebles up and running. 

The city is worried about the stadium’s financial stability and management issue.

They found out it was behind on utility payments and couldn’t meet its payroll. 

If the sale gets the green light today, the school system has promised to let the community continue using the walking track around the stadium. 

And fear not, football fans!

The stadium will be the home turf for three HBCU games scheduled for this fall. 

The negotiations between the school system and the city are still ongoing.

They’re probably crunching some numbers and ironing out the details. 

But hey, it looks like they’re on the right track to get this deal done.

So, let’s stay tuned and see if Ladd-Peebles Stadium becomes the new pride of the Mobile County Public School System.

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