A Brief History of the MoonPie

When we think of sweet treats, there’s one that’s like a mystery waiting to be solved — the MoonPie. 

It’s round, tasty, and it’s been around for over 100 years!

Curiously, it’s also a big deal in Mobile, especially during Mardi Gras. 

So, why is this confectionary delight so famous there? 

Where did it come from anyway? 

Find that out as we jump into the sweet story of the MoonPie and its awesome connection to Mardi Gras in Mobile

where the good times roll! 

Fun Fact: my favorite is a discontinued flavor (chocolate and peanut butter — yummm).

Where Did the MoonPie Come From? 

where did the moonpie come from

Here’s how the MoonPie story goes… 

It all began with a traveling salesman for Chattanooga Bakery, the folks who make MoonPies

He had a chat with a Kentucky coal miner.

The miner had a snack request reminiscent of a s’more (minus the chocolate), but he wanted it “as big as the moon.”

This quirky wish inspired the name of the treat we enjoy today. 

The MoonPie has gone so far that it could even become the first snack on the moon

NASA is totally on board with the idea. 

Who knows? 

MoonPies could boldly go where no snack has gone before! 

MoonPies in the South 

moonpies in the south

You know you’re in the South when MoonPies come into the picture!

These fluffy delights are usually paired with another Southern favorite, RC Cola. 

Together, they create a combo that’s almost as legendary as peanut butter and jelly. 

In the town of Bell Buckle, Tennessee, they host the annual “RC & MoonPie Festival,” where folks go all out in games themed after this famous pairing. 

How Are MoonPies Related to Mobile Mardi Gras? 

It was in the early 1960s when MoonPies found their way into the heart of Mobile’s Mardi Gras traditions. 

Apparently, members of a local ladies’ organization traveled to Chattanooga for a convention. 

During their visit, they stumbled upon MoonPies and had a brilliant idea — “These would make fantastic throws!” 

Aside from their puck-like shape, MoonPies have the perfect combo of being soft and having a bit of heft to them. 

Plus, they were budget-friendly, ticking all the right boxes for a practical choice. 

The ladies brought their newfound discovery back to Mobile, and it quickly caught on as a fun novelty. 

Today, an astonishing 500,000 MoonPies are flung into the eager hands of parade-goers every year. 

This sure adds a touch of sweetness to Mobile’s epic festivities! 

Want a bit more Mardi Gras history?

Then I’ll also recommend you read our history of the king cake as well as the story behind Mardi Gras itself!

What is the Mobile MoonPie Drop?

Instead of a boring old countdown, Mobile kicks off every new year with a MoonPie Drop. 

They drop a gigantic glowing MoonPie from the top of the super tall RSA BankTrust building. 

And guess what? 

It’s not just for show! 

Once that huge MoonPie touches the ground, they slice it up and share it with everyone at the party. 

This thing is so big it weighs as much as four big bags of potatoes. 

It’s a sweet way to ring in the new year and one delicious tradition you won’t want to miss! 


Who invented the MoonPie? 

It was salesman Earl Mitchell who stepped up to the plate to address the hunger pangs of local miners. 

Are MoonPies still popular? 

Even after a century has passed, folks are still crazy about that beloved MoonPie. 
You’d be pleased to know that it’s still being crafted by the very same bakery in Chattanooga. 
Today, it serves as a cultural icon deeply embedded in the heart and soul of the South. 

What is the history of RC Cola and MoonPie? 

Back in the 30s, MoonPies were the champions of hardworking folks everywhere. 
This pairing earned the title of the “working man’s lunch.”
Since you could get each item for a nickel, it was a sweet deal that kept people fueled and their pockets jingling. 

Final Thoughts 

The MoonPie is nothing short of legendary. 

This cosmic confection has left an indelible mark on American culture, that’s for sure! 

From its humble beginnings as a coal miner’s delight to potential lunar snacking, MoonPies continues to be a sweet sensation that’s out of this world. 

Catch a bunch at your next Mardi Gras!

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